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Story Frames, tells the stories that need to be told; your stories.  Whether you run a business or run a family, Story Frames will capture the heart behind it all.

Karla & Todd, a StoryFrames homebirth story.

   Karla found out about StoryFrames through her friend Stacey, who was our first birth film client.  After seeing Stacey’s birth film, she knew that she wanted the same.

     Karla told me for her second child, she wanted a birth film that she could feel comfortable sharing with others and that captured that amazing moment.

     We didn’t have much time to meet before she was due--about 3 weeks. We talked on the phone about what type of birth film she was looking for.  We had actually been trying to schedule a meeting beforehand for us all to meet, but our schedules kept conflicting.  So the first time we met was when she was in labor!  A week before her due date, she texted me that she felt it was time and that I should start to head over to her house.  Then soon after, I get another text, telling me I should hurry and that she was progressing quickly!  I drove across town just in time to film as Karla and Todd had their second beautiful baby. Todd was the most supportive husband I have seen at a birth, constantly tending to Karla and making sure she was taken care of.

Happy Birth Day Santiago!
Born October 16th, 2011 at 11:31pm
Weighing 7 pounds 6 ounces